Thursday, January 07, 2016

One of the essentials for any self respecting lady is to have a decent bag !!!
But don't you just hate it when you end up buying a beautiful chic black bag, and you are walking along, only to notice that some woman has the exact same bag?

This is where LettersbyON comes in.I am so excited by their range. Their range consists of wallets and different types of handbags. They personalize your item to your specifications.

I chose their Bucket Bag in black (basic color that goes with nearly everything ). This bag is so on point with the fashionistas right now! The letters are my initials, for those of you who couldn't figured that out :) This differentiates my bag from the next black handbag on the street. Clever idea from amazing designers Ora and Naomi (LetterzbyOn).

 My handbag is personalized even more by the unique emojis I chose and the pompoms. Now remember that they don't add what they think would suit the bag or you - they personalized the bag with YOUR choice of letters,emojis and pompoms. How great and convenient is that? The range appeals to people of all ages.

All their products can be viewed here :

Orders can be made by email and they ship to any country across the world.

Thank you for reading !!!!!!xoxo

Black Bucket Bag -LetterzbyOn
Black dress-Zara

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