BABY it's COLD outside......SCARF it !!!!!!

Monday, January 04, 2016

So you've seen scarves about a million times in your life.When you Google anything related to scarves, You tube has many, many tutorials on how to wrap and wear scarves in different ways.

Having said that, what else can I possibly say that would be anything different to what is already out there? One thing I know for sure:What is winter without a scarf ?

It keeps you warm and protects you from the cold weather but also helps to keep the sickness/flu away. If you are like me who has to keep my neck area and feet warm during winter to prevent me from sickness, then you will know a scarf becomes your best friend during winter.

Isn't it weird how when having to run errands and you grab your coat, the scarf just automatically tags along? And I suppose when you wrap your scarf around your neck, the brain instantaneously sends a message to the body,saying relax,you are now protected.


You've probably seen this scarf among the fashionistas everywhere? This is a very popular scarf because its big, colorful and really keeps you warm. Its also very versatile because it can be thrown over your shoulders as a pashmina. The plaid scarf in different color schemes functions as a statement and accessory and its close to your face so it will brighten you up.

These are a few PLAID BLANKET SCARVES which might hopefully inspire you.

My plaid scarf is not necessarily as big as these but I have it for so long and it really keeps me warm. The color is so ideal for my skin tone.......See, I have been setting trends for a long time already:)


This is definitely my favorite scarf to go to during the very cold winter days because it's round and fits easily around the neck. Most of all it stays in place especially at times when you have to move around a lot.

Within the INFINITY SCARF family , is a cowl neck version, which is very popular this winter.You literally just pull it over your head and it fits perfectly around your neck.It looks like a knitted collar which is so cool and chic but also keeps you warm.


This is the scarf everyone has in the closet.You can wrap this scarf in many, many different ways. Like I've said before on You tube you can find tutorials on how to wrap any scarf you like.
When you invest in pure wool, silk, cashmere scarves, you will have these scarves  for a lifetime.


The NECK SCARF is so chic and timeless. From the Texas Rodeo to Parisian Chic this scarf will add the oomph to any outfit. If you want to add a dash of color to the neck, than this one is for you. This neck scarf is so appropriate for the in between weather.

Any scarf of your choice will add the vibrancy and sophistication that  we all need during the COLD WINTER season and because we tend to wear dark colors and monotones a lot.

When you buy a scarf, pay attention to what value the scarf can add to your outfit, your health and your skin tone.


Thank you for reading !!! xoxo

Links of plaid blanket scarves :
 Links of cowl neck scarves:

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