Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas from Bahiadelaplata:

Cristina Maruri,founder and designer of Bahiadelaplata was inspired by the the most celebrated time of the year,Christmas.Her love and passion for painting is so obvious in her work.The use of color is so inspiring.The gentle strokes of the words Merry Christmas are  beautifully done.
This is a perfect gift  choice because its custom made and designed by her.

This is my second T shirt collaboration with Bahiadelaplata(see below) and I have to say once again the quality is top notch ,as I have washed my Tees numerous times.

Check out Bahiadeleplata on line and order these high quality,unique T shirts.

Artistic Tshirt -Bahiadelaplata on Instagram
Online shop here......


I remember that the T shirt was the  first garment,
I  made  as a Fashion and Textile style design student .Needless to say that a T shirt is a basic component in your closet that you cannot live without.
Christina Maruri the founder of Bahiadelaplata has taken the basic T shirt to the next level.
She is a lawyer and in addition to that, she started this business a few months ago to express herself creatively through painting.From a very young age she was drawn to art,literature,painting and music.

She says that she paints from her heart and when you look closely at the designs on the T shirts ,you notice the symbols of hearts and flowers.The unique paintings on each  T shirt is an expression of Happiness and Joy.

Happiness which she founds when she surrounds herself with her big ,warmhearted family because family means everything to her.
The T shirts are made of good quality cotton knit fabrics ,available in various colors and are super affordable.
She believes these Artistic T shirts are the tools which connect her to people all over the world.

You can view more of these artistic T shirts and the company online:

Thank you for reading.

Artistic T shirt -Bahiadelaplata
Pants -Bershka

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