Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hi everyone !!
Isn't it the coolest thing EVER, that when your old favorite jeans are torn and tattered, you do not need to throw out it just yet? Now you can modernize it by patching it or ripping it. This is exactly what I've done with my white jeans. Contrary to what I've just said, this white jeans of mine was not torn or old but rather boring, in my opinion.
These Nude Strappy Sandals are from Migato (link below) and such a perfect fit for the ripped jeans.
My Military Green Jacket/Coat is from Asos (link below) and I just love it because it's so perfect for Spring. Although it is fully lined, the jacket is still very lightweight.

The  details on the jacket is so  beautiful and add a versatility to it. It can be styled with a shift dress or a pencil skirt for a more sophisticated look. I love to add pieces to my wardrobe that are versatile and can be mixed and matched.
The white cropped top I had in my closet for a while and the sheerness of the top is totally on point with what is trending now.

I've added the chain necklace for a bit of bling and love how it brings the outfit together.

 Nude Shoes just goes with anything. Every Fashionista should definitely have at least a pair or two in her closet. My white YSL bag completes the look perfectly!!

Thank You for reading !!

Nude Shoes from Migato-
Military Green Jacket/Coat from-
White ripped jeans (Bloggers Own
White Cropped top-Bloggers Own)
White YSL bag.

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