Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hi everyone!!!
We have just celebrated InternationalWomensDay on the 8th of March. I was approached to do a collaboration with a beautiful, young woman and Fashion blogger, Amalthea and in the spirit of IWD month I agreed to do it.
I read this quote once, and it really stuck with me: "Use Social Media NOT to IMPRESS people but RATHER to IMPACT people." This is exactly what Amalthea and I are doing here.
Showcasing our monochromatic combined looks is not a competition in who wears it better but simply a fun project in showing how differently we interpret a Black&White look and also showcase our different style aesthetically.
Monochrome looks are classic and timeless: I am sure 20yrs from now we can look back at these looks and not need to think "UGH, what was I thinking? lol."
My look is a White tiered skirt, which is based of the Spanish/Latin influence on Fashion for the season and to come. Ruffles and tiers are symbolic of the Spanish Influence on Fashion of the current season and the seasons ahead. A leather jacket is always a hit. The hat and cropped top I've added to take me to the wild, wild West and my ankle lace-up Ankle boots was added to bring it ALL together. All links on the outfit is listed below.

Amalthea is a New Yorker, and the only thing we discussed before hand is that the outfit will be black and white but opposite bottoms and tops. I had no idea how she will interpret a Monochrome look, neither did she knew how I would interpret it. I love her style. Can you see how different Fashion and Styling are? The one thing we have in common is that we love Fashion and Style. Amalthea, like myself, is a peoples person and believes that women should support each other. Read more about Amalthea here:  

Details on Amathea's outfit can be find on her blog here:
Amalthea can be followed on Instagram too here:

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Thank you for reading !!!!

White tiered skirt -( find similar here):
 Black Cropped top- Bershka
Bucket bag  - : .Read my review on this company here:

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