Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hi everyone !!!

I have great news!!! I have become the latest FAB member of Befitted! What is that you ask? I am a Fashion Ambassador of Befitted(FAB). Head over to their site and become a member too (

So what is Befitted all about? They are all about celebrating BEAUTY - the beauty that is found in each of us! It doesn't matter what size we are, what our sexual preferences are, what religion we choose to follow (or not follow), what age or gender we are - we are all beautiful and this is showcased and CELEBRATED on their website. I would love to be the 1st person you follow on Befitted but there are so many people on befitted you can follow too. People that would inspire you in the way that they look, and the way that they dress and the way that they carry themselves.

The great news for you is that you are able to shop my outfits on their website!! See here :

No more wishing that you could find the exact items or something similar, they do it for you.
You add your look, Befitted makes the clothes you wearing shoppable. When someone clicks on your posts and makes a purchase, you earn money.

 What are you waiting for!!
Join me and join Befitted.
Last but not least, follow me and shop my looks here :


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