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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hi everyone !!
Today I've paired my favorite color combo for THIS time of the year i.e Navy, White and Red.  A nautical look is so timeless and always remind me of the sea, yachts and boats. I have been to the sea for the past few weeks and thought why not stroll along in one of the biggest parks in our neighborhood. This is not your average park. There are football fields, open yoga sessions going on and so much more. To top it all this park is surrounded by a few cozy coffee shops, which makes it even more appealing.

You've probably seen my Hat from Tally Weijl before. If not, click here: I love stripes and this specific top is from Zara ( last Summer's collection ) but I have noticed that they have similar tops in stores again.
 I've added my all time favorite denim shorts.

As you can see the sky is so blue and I just enjoyed my surroundings so much. I love the broad rim of this hat and so appropriate for the weather, as it shades my face beautifully.

Thank you for reading !!

Shoes And Striped Top- Zara
Hat/ Fedora- Tally Weijl

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