Monday, April 18, 2016

It was the showing of Fall/winter-2016/2017 during the 19th AthensXclusiveDesignersWeek.
When you attend a fashion show, are you like me, excited to see what will be next on the fashion radar for the upcoming seasons? Don't you just love it when you see something totally unexpected and new? Well this is exactly how I felt after watching the designers DUO, Chris&Tonia's show.
If you have not seen my previous review on this designer DUO, click here to read that review : . Once you have read that review you will definitely understand and see why I was excited to be at this year's fashion show. The previous show (which was only their second showing in the  AthensXclusiveDesignersWeek) was beautiful but somewhat "safe". This time around there were so much more design into every single piece that was presented and I am glad to say that they have pushed themselves out of the comfort zone and yet the pieces are not over designed, which I love.

If you are still set into your  minimalist fashion zone this summer, get ready for a transition into a Fall/Winter of BOLD colors, SHARP, structured shoulders, corseted WAISTLINES, lots of VOLUME and OVERSIZED street-wear. Chris&Tonia nailed it and are so on par with what is predicted for Fashion for the next few seasons.

The pictures highlights the structured, sharp shoulders, the waistlines and lots of volume which I mentioned earlier.

Let me introduce you to THIS color-scheme that is so on point because these are the color palettes you as fashionistas will be adding to your wardrobe soon.
DIVER-(evolves from dark teal into deeper blue tonalities)
BURGUNDY -(the most important color in the jewel tone color palette. Also magenta, tangerine and salmon.)
PASTEL PALETTES -(Dust/Grey . incorporate ceramic pink and biscuit)

 Open yourself up to Duster Coats, Sleeveles Coates, Stoles, Midi dresses, Capes because THIS is what we will be wearing during  Fall/Winter to come.
Fabrics like PVC, sheer organzas, wool and fur, to name but a few, will bee seen everywhere in clothes .
Details such as pleats/folds , panels, bell sleeves are also some of the details in clothing for the next seasons. Do you see how much volume it can add to our outfits?

 I just love a good pants suit with a bit of difference. I love the use of different fabrics combined in the suit.The soft velvet with the structured, wool is amazing.The zipper details on these pants are superb.

I am so excited to continue on this fashion design journey with two of the nicest and talented people I know . The future is bright and I cannot wait to see what is next for this designer Duo.

Visit these Social channels to find more on Chris&Tonia designs

And then there were the two NEW designers who's work I haven't seen before but I was quite intrigued and I can just imagine how much more they have to offer in their Fashion Shows ahead
1.Christina Teligiannidou
Her designs are so evident of The Spanish/Latin influence on fashion currently.  The ruffles and tiers reminds one of the Latin Flamingo dancers and that is exactly what we are seeing out there.
Notice the high collars and sheer fabrics. This is the Victorian style influence in blouses and dresses of Fall/Winter - 2016/2017. Here are a few of her designs.

2,Euphrosyne Vlassi
She has a definite point of view and her designs speak to the young, fun loving individual who has    a bit of a edge. I loved the black and gold sequence outfits. It was refreshing to see a few male designs as well.

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