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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Many of us strive to be true unto ourselves. Many of us try to live an organic lifestyle, in the light of overpopulation and our food supplies being drastically depleted at an alarming rate. Most of us want to ensure that when we are using products on our face and bodies, that it has not been tested on animals.
 Let me introduce you to TruSelf  Organics. From the moment I have heard the name of the brand, I was intrigued to know more about the company. The company's mission statement (LOVE YOURSELF) made me feel like I had just welcomed a new member into my family.
To quote them, "Our Mission at TruSelf Organics is to show people of the world how to love themselves-starting with clear, radiant skin! Easier said than done right? Perhaps, but we have found that when we connect health, beauty and self-love, something magical happens, which is why we are here to provide you with the most effective, all-natural, organic & cruelty-free skincare, straight from Mother Nature herself." I am all about connecting with myself, looking after my health and beauty.

The company has a wide variety of products such as masks, cleansers, moisturizers, body butters and hair products etc.
My review is on their DETOXIFYING  MASK which I received from Truself Organics.

Their webpage says that the benefits of the mask is that it minimizes pores, reduces scars and discoloration, prevents and diminishes wrinkles and best of all, it formulated for all skin types (women and men!!). It looks like this may just be another thing my partner and I will have in common.
The Mask is the 1st step in their 3step clear skin kit, but can also be bought separately.
I have included a step by step guide as to how to use the mask for you.

1.Rinse your face i.e. ensure that the mask is being applied to a clear, make up free face.

2.The mask is actually in a powder form, so use a tablespoon/or the exact amount you would be using and mix it with a tablespoon of either mineral water or with the TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Solution.
3.Once the mixture has reach a smooth consistency, spread it across your face quite generously. Ensure that you keep it at least 1cm away from your lips and eyes.

4,Allow the mask to dry on your face. During this step your skin may tingle a little and you will feel your skin being pulled tighter (therefore it minimizes wrinkles and the size of pores). No need to worry though, the mask is meant to pull your skin tighter.
 Rinse the mask off when done and enjoy the smooth, silky feeling of your face afterwards.

The mask is made up of a whole host of "clean" ingredients such as Proprietary Clay Blend (different clays), Epsom Salt and White Willow Bark Extract. TruSelf Organics mask has allowed me to show my face it its natural state without the fear of a break out, enlarged pores or harsh wrinkles showing

 I am truly in love with this product.

Head on over to their website: and check out their whole range.
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