Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hi everyone !!!
My styling mission for the day will be to create a look around my new Camel hat from Tally Weijl (link below). Camel is a rich color and blends in perfectly with any color. Picture camel and black, camel and purple, camel and white. You see?  You can carry on, and on:)
Anyway, as you can see I have added more camel and lighter shades of nude tones and green accents to the look for my #OOTD.
My all time favorite ripped jeans totally completes the look.

As you can see the hat has a green band and therefor the green bag that I have added brings it all together. The floppy hat has a broad rim and I love the feel of the soft felt fabric which the hat is made of.

 The green bag is versatile because you can wear it as a clutch bag when needed or as a sling, which I have done for the purpose of the #OOTD.

You've probably seen me wearing this knitted long vest in one of my previous posts before, see here:

As a fashion stylist I believe strongly in buying items that can be mixed and matched, within other existing pieces in the closet. What drives me is being able to have clothes that are versatile in wearing it from Daytime to Night time, Casual or Smart, from the street to the office.

The Long Knitted vest is from Zara's Fall collection.(link below).

The arm bracelet/bangle  is an antique piece from a very special lady (my partners Mom). It's really beautiful and rounds off my look perfectly.

Fedoras/Hats are here to stay !!! I am sure by now you fashionable ladies have  a few in your closet !!

Thank you for reading !!xoxo


Camel  Hat/Fedora from Tally Weijl

Long Knitted Vest from Zara

Bag Bloggers Own

Ripped Jeans Bloggers Own

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