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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TAME Damp or Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron.

Hair! I love having long, luscious locks.  But what I need to go through to let it hanging beautifully as what it does, is the bane of my existence. And let’s not even talk about the maintenance of it.

I was never blessed with hair that I could simply wash and leave, then miraculously it would hang straight down my back a few hours later. My routine has always been to wash my hair and then sit with a hair dryer for about an hour- yes, that is how long it takes to blow dry these long tresses of mine! With the introduction of flat irons, I thanked the gods! My prayers were answered (or so I thought).This was going to ensure that I don’t need to blow dry my hair anymore! – NOT!!! For so long the flat iron has just been added to my routine- this allowed my hair to look good for longer,  instead of me having to use a blow dryer on my hair daily. I suppose that this has been a positive time saver in my daily routine.

Well, the next generation of flat irons has arrived in the form of the “Tame Damp or Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron”. This is on a completely different level to any other flat iron!

I was very skeptical when I was asked to review this product. After all, I have tried numerous brands of flat irons over the years and thought to myself “What is going to be different about this one? It looks the exact same as all the others.”
 I am pleased to tell you that there is a lot that is different.
My normal routine will be to wash it, towel dry it, comb it out and leave it until it is nearly dry before I blow dry it.

With this Tame Damp or Dry Styling Flat Iron, it is so much easier and faster. This flat iron works on damp hair! YEAH!!!! It uses specially vents at the top to release steam and prevent your hair from becoming damaged.

This concept is similar to that of your hair dryer- your hair dryer removes any excess moisture of your hair while you are styling it. Since I’ve tested this flat iron, I have eliminated the use of my hair dryer.  I simply wash my hair, towel dry it and then use the flat iron on my damp hair and style my locks the way that I want it.

According to the VP website, the flat iron’s titanium plates are conditioned with a Tourmaline to produce extra shine and softness with every use. Well, we all know that companies will say what they think you want to hear in order to buy their products. VP can be proud though, this flat iron really does this. So I don’t use serum on my hair to give it the shine which is normally stripped away by my previous flat iron.

The best feature (for me) must be the automatic shut off mechanism. How many times have you not left your place and then start asking yourself “Have I switched my flat iron off?” You end up going crazy thinking that you will get a call from your neighbor saying that your place is on fire if you don’t go back to check that you have switched off your flat iron. With this flat iron, I have peace of mind when those thoughts start because of the automatic shut off mechanism. The flat iron will switch off automatically after 60 minutes of use. It does not switch back on automatically; you must switch it on again. Thank goodness for all these time savers on this flat iron or else I would be late for every shoot or meeting that I need to attend. 

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I cannot imagine my life without it.

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