Sunday, February 07, 2016

This Baroque Boutique is one of 3 Baroque Boutiques in Athens,Greece. The other 2 stores are situated in Sepolia , Athens and has been established for over a decade ago. Chris Stratikopoulos is the owner of these beautiful boutiques.
The other 2 boutiques, which I have been to in Sepolia are much larger in square meters than this boutique. One is a 3 level store.

I asked Chris, Why he was opening a store in Syntagma? I could literally answer my own question. Why not here? If you haven't been to Greece, you probably have seen Syntagma on your TV screen anywhere in the world. Do you know why? The infamous parliament building is in Syntagma.
Besides that, Syntagma is the pit-stop for international tourists,visiting Greece in LARGE numbers daily. The Acropolis, the cradle of democracy is nearby. International tourists never, almost never leave Greece, without visiting the Acropolis, no matter how beautiful and alluring there visits to the Greek islands were.

My goal is to tell you about my experience attending the opening of BAROQUE BOUTIQUE, 29 Kolokotroni, Syntagma, Athens. This shop is situated in a small Arcade in one of many beautiful old buildings in this area. Such beautiful ancient Architecture. Shopping here, as international tourists and locals really leaves you with a pleasant  Mediterranean feel.

What better way to draw customers to your new store by giving them 50% off on their purchases. Pretty AWESOME !!!

Guests were greeted by a friendly Barman, with a celebratory drink at the arrival. People started to loosen up and the shopping and chatting started.
Traditional Greek Food were served, whenever you felt hungry. Have you eaten freshly baked Greek bread? Its really divine!!

I had the privilege of meeting  Lena Kalidis,a architect engineer-interior designer.
She has taken her passion for the Arts into different business lines such as, jewels,visual art, bracelets, mirrors, sea-wood synthesis and other custom made compositions.

I'm fascinated how Lena uses material like leather,metal(bronze,silver,gold), wood, wax-strings, acrylic,etc. in her jewels.
Each  jewel collection is different in style and manufacturing technique.She describes her jewels as simple and complex and it appeal to ALL women.

I will be featuring her jewel pieces on the blog soon.
Read more about  Lena Kalidis and her CRAFT  here.....

Chris Stratikopoulos is the designer from the designer DUO Chris&Tonia designs and will be showing their NEW collection soon during Athens Fashion Week. See here: the review on the last fashion show I attended.
Chris is the epitome of "Do what you love, and love what you do".  Chris&Tonia exclusive designs will soon be in a new store in a very big city, Thessaloniki in Greece.

Cheers to BAROQUE BOUTIQUE !!!! and to Chris Stratikopoulos

Links to Baroque Boutique and Owner,Chris Stratikoulos here...  and

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