Monday, November 13, 2017

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Can you believe that it is that time of the year and Santa is coming to town? LOL. Seriously, for me, the time has flown and it is definitely that time of the year where I have to draw up a list of gifts for family and friends. What to buy and where to shop is always the question that comes to mind. As a fashion blogger and digital influencer, I always keep my ear to the ground for new ideas, new online shops to explore and new products to buy.
When I met Lena Kalidis, the owner of ARCHtrend which is a one of a kind accessories store, I was like wow, what a phenomenal woman and artist. Walking through ARCHtrend showroom is like exploring the mind of someone that has a vast knowledge of different materials such as, wood, plastic, wool, and much more. Then she designs something so incredibly unique and fascinating with these materials. I don't want to keep you too long talking about this remarkable artistic woman but read her biography here - Lena Kalidis the architect, interior designer, jewelry designer, visual artist.
Let me introduce you to some of her designs which I chose and want to share with you as my Wishlist for the Festive Season.
The best part of these handmade products is that ALL women from age 18 years and older will find something that resonates with them.The materials used in my Wishlist are so on Trend with what is on the Fashion Radar, i.e. fur, feathers, and sequences. From hats to bags, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets - ARCHtrend has everything and more and therefore it is worth visiting the Online shop for prices of this One of a kind Artistic accessories and more. Yes, that's correct! you don't need to come to Greece to be able to purchase these products - her products are now available online!!

My BAG Wishlist.
Notice how versatile these bags are? You can dress it smart or casual and on different occasions. Talk about having one bag that serves more than one purpose. That's how I like to buy gifts, getting more out of one item and that means Saving Money!!!LOL

My NECKLACES Wishlist.
Statement necklaces can transform any outfit. Imagine wearing a black pencil skirt and blazer to the office and having to attend a business cocktail event the same evening and running late. How about carrying one of these necklaces in your bag? Put it on, loosen your hair and put some vibrant lip color on. Doesn't it sound like a scenario we've all had to deal with in our lives, even if you are a student or Homemaker?

My HATS Wish List
Hats- I've chosen Fedora hats for the Festive season but let me tell you there are so much more hats to choose from at ARCtrend for different occasions. Red is the color of THIS season and Neutral color matches almost every color outfit.

My EARRINGS Wishlist.
These earings are statement pieces. You can wear these as a pair or one earing in your ear. As I've mentioned, feathers in clothes and accessories are so on Trend NOW and I adore these statement earrings. The fur earrings are just as stunning!!!

How stunning and unique are these bracelets? The crocheted bracelet is incredibly beautiful. This feathered bracelet comes in different colors too on request.
Visit these Webpages below and shop happily in the comfort of your home ALL the gifts for your Friends and Family. These accessories are One of a kind, so the chances of seeing another person wearing something similar to what you have is ZERO!!!
Happy Shopping!! xoxo
Thank you for reading!!xoxo
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