Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hi everyone!!

Opening up this webpage of JJ's House made me feel as if I had stepped into my own fairytale! The dresses which flashed across the screen had me feeling like I was the proverbial kid in a candy store – I wanted ALL of the dresses.
The layout of the website is so simple and easy to navigate.  You can choose from a selection of languages as well as currencies to customise your view to suit you and your language. So upfront, you know what the dress would cost in your currency. The dresses are also categorised for ease of use but I found myself going through all the categories.
The website caters for all dresses related to weddings and special occasions. I could imagine myself wearing the dress I chose to an event like the Oscars.  The dresses speak of understated elegance, simplicity and beauty. Every dress that I clicked on was identified as “made to order”, which gave me piece of mind because it means that the dress I chose was being custom made for me.  Added to that, when you shop any dress from their website, it can be custom made to your measurements – you do not have to buy it according to standard size.
Each and every dress has been photographed in a particular color, but can be made in the color of your choice) from their color chart. And there is such a variety of colors to choose from. It is highly unlikely that you will end up at a wedding/ cocktail party or any other special occasion wearing the same dress, in the exact same color, as another guest.  The color chart shows you what each color looks like, in the different fabrics that the dresses are made. They even encourage you to order a color swatch, before ordering your selected dress, to ensure that you will be happy with the color that you have selected. 
 I simply enjoyed every moment that I spent on their website. All the information is available at your fingertips, from the time that it would take to make your selected dress to the delivery time. And if the information is not there, they have a chat facility available online! What an interactive website.
Onto my dress – I’m not someone to wear red very often, but it is fast becoming a firm favourite color of mine. It looks good against my skin tone and just seems to draw attention to the correct portions of my anatomy.  I chose a "princess off the shoulder sweep train chiffon evening dress with ruffle split front"” – what a mouthful! The name of the dress is completely detailed and upfront you know what the dress may look like. The dress is floor length, but the split front allows for my legs to peak through. The design is very smart because when I am standing still, it looks like there is no break in the chiffon. When I walk, it’s as if I am wearing a different dress because of the split.  I’m not being vain, but I believe that you buy clothes to accentuate your best features. One of my best features is my shoulders and collar bone. This dress accentuates them perfectly.  I could go on and on about this dress but I would rather you head on over to their website and find your own fairytale dress that you could feel like a princess in.

I don’t even know why I am mentioning this because I have no intention of returning this dress but their returns policy is clearly outlined on the website. This can be found at the bottom of their website and I would suggest that you read through it carefully before placing your order. As you can understand, custom made dresses cannot be resold easily. And therefore there are Ts & Cs associated with buying a custom made dress.
Shipping is also made easy for you and you are able to select from 3 different shipping options, depending on how urgently you want your dress to arrive by you.
Happy Shopping!
Thank you for reading!!xoxo

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