Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hi everyone!!
Let me take you on a journey! Most of you, if not all of you, know that I simply love fashion.  And I literally feel as if I have become the queen of online shopping.
This time around is no different when I went onto Atlasday's website and did my usual shopping spree. This website is modern, clean and simple to navigate. Items are categorised for ease of search and reference. They currently have a free shipping offer available – I’m not too sure until when it will be available so I wouldn’t waste time deciding what I want to buy by them, if I were you. My outfit was shipped to me free of charge because I chose the standard shipping.
 They showcase selected designers products for you or you can browse by category. I did all of it!!! I took my time while shopping on this website, because there were just too many classic pieces and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on a hidden gem. I chose a classic black suit by Juliet Roses. The suit consists of two pieces viz. a tunic top and classic straight leg black pants. I chose black because I knew that I would be able to brighten it up with accessories such as shoes and handbags.  I was slightly worried about the length of the pants with my long legs, but their return policy put me at ease about buying something from their website. I knew that if I wasn’t satisfied, I would be able to return it without hassle. 
The tunic top is a classic cut and timeless design, so I know that I will be able to wear it for many years.
 Now many of you may be wondering why I chose something so classic. I did this to show you that even classic pieces can fit in with my closet and that I am able to pull it off. I love classic pieces because it is timeless and I love to mix and match it with fashion. Fashion changes all the time!! This is a classic business look and with me spending more time in business meetings, I felt it necessary to beef up the business side of my wardrobe.
This website manages your expectations upfront by giving you clear dates regarding delivery, as well as shipping and returns. Every item has a detailed product description which includes what the item is made of as well as where it was made and designed. There is also a size chart, which provides you with the different sizes and measurements.
So head on over to their websiite, and find your classic outfit!
Happy Shopping!
Thank you for reading!! xoxo

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