Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hi everyone!!
If you've been following my blog or reading it for a while I'm sure you are familiar with this brand name; ID PETERS LONDON.
Remember all those stunning bags I was going gaga about not so long ago? Have a look at it here just to refresh your memory (and shop some of them too). LOL
Today I'm introducing you to their new range of umbrellas. Yes, I know you are possibly still basking in the sun and don't  want to hear about umbrellas, which most probably reminds you of winter but hey, you can use it as an accessory to keep the sun rays at bay too.
Do you know that I was actually checking what the true definition of the word umbrella is and it says: "A device consisting of a circular canopy of cloth on a folding metal frame supported by a central rod, used as protection against the rain, also called a sunshade."
These umbrellas are made of quick dry-able nylon with a smooth wooden handle which adds character.
The website says this about the umbrella:" Our flexible frame was built to withstand the British weather - when the wind blows; it snaps right back into shape."If it can withstand a British winter, it should survive almost everywhere else in the world!
So there you have it. All the accessories are designed in LONDON but the prints are inspired by AFRICA.
ID PETERS LONDON's Umbrellas are not just an accessory to carry around for the purpose of protection against the rain or the sun but the colors and designs of these umbrellas are exquisite and true fashion statement pieces.
I adore them all. I cannot really say which umbrella is my favorite. All I know is that I will have a matching umbrella for every outfit in the closet. And of course, they match with the bags I have from ID PETERS LONDON too, since the bags are reversible!!
When I think of world class rainy cities like London, Paris, etc. I always imagine myself walking in the rain with him next to me. Him holding me in the most romantic way while we snuggling under the umbrella to stay dry together. Now that I have these umbrellas in different prints, I think I will create my own romantic city of rain. LOL
 ID PETERS LONDON is the place to go when you are looking for premium luxury accessories. From scarves in different sizes, colors and prints, bags, umbrellas and so much more. If you are someone like me who likes monotone outfits then ID PETERS LONDON accessories are what you need to infuse some color and vibrancy to your outfits.
A quick recap: ID PETERS LONDON is a....
Premium British accessories brand. Luxury Silk Scarves, Bags, Umbrellas. Designed in London. Inspired by Africa. Ships Worldwide. As seen in Vogue, GQ, Red & Glamour.
Shop all these umbrellas from ID PETERS LONDON and more!!
Happy Shopping!!
Thank You for reading! xoxo

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