Monday, March 26, 2018

Hi everyone!!
Stripes is another print that is in Fashion this Spring but more so rainbow color stripes. It means that the stripes are colorful and can vary from bolder stripes to more finer stripes. The stripes can be horizontal mixed with vertical stripes. Stripes has always been a favorite print of mine. I'm not wearing rainbow stripes today but black and white stripes in this oversized button up striped blouse from ZAFUL. However, I've added lots of  pink to this blouse to give it a bright look.
Pink is one of my favorite bright colors and it was so much fun adding all these different pink accessories to this look.
I've always loved suspenders, and having a pink pair is so cool!!!
The pink skinny silk scarf from ID Peters Londonis so versatile and I've decided to tie it around my neck.
This outfit is this fun to wear and has a business feel to it but more fun than strictly business. LOL
Fashion is fun, so have fun with your clothes.
This striped blouse is available in so many different colors.
This shirt is a great buy, so you have to hurry to find one because it was selling fast!!
Shop my OVERSIZED BUTTON UP STRIPED BLOUSE at  Zaful and more!!!!
Happy Shopping
Thank you for reading!!xoxo

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