Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Hi everyone!!
So it is no secret that I absolutely love black. I've been having my black coat for some time now and when I saw this double-breasted coat at Rosegal I knew I had to have it. It was time to upgrade my black coat. Every woman should at least have a black coat in the closet because it's such a staple clothing piece to have. And because black is timeless, chic and always looks expensive this is the ideal color coat to have.
Black can be worn with every other color and therefore it is easy to pair it with your outfits.
This double-breasted woolen coat has such stunning buttons and it is placed so strategically on the front of the coat. See how the buttons go narrowly to the waistline. Talk about accentuating the waistline!!
I've paired this coat with all black clothes and accessories. I love a good black on black outfit.
I have to say this coat was selling fast and I was so lucky to have found one. It is a larger size but it is ideal because I want to be able to wear a sweater and other clothes underneath.
I know this coat will turn heads. I love how powerful this coat makes me feel, probably because it has that military effect to it.
Rosegal is the Online shop for male and female where you will find good quality clothes at affordable prices. What I love about Rosegal is that I always find something familiar but with a difference.
 Shop my BLACK DOUBLE-BREASTED WOOLEN COAT and more at Rosegal
Happy Shopping!
Thank you for reading!! xoxo

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