Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hi everyone!!
Fashion isn’t just about clothes but getting the accessories for the outfit spot on! Have you ever seen the models walking on a runway? The accessories that they wear complement and enhance the actual clothing which is being showcased!
 What I love about ID Peters London is that their accessories make it so easy to enhance and highlight my clothing. What is even better is that their accessories have become the focal point of many of my outfits. I find that I often decide what I am going to wear based on their accessories.  The owner of ID Peters is based in the UK, but her roots are entrenched in Africa, having been born in Nigeria. Her love and fascination for African art played a huge role in her achieving her dream of seeing her designs grace the catwalks of Paris, Milan, and London (her current hometown).
 You would have seen me wearing some of the most gorgeous silk scarves from ID Peters recently. And as mentioned in those posts, they are not meant to only be worn around your neck. You can wear them in whichever way suits you.
I’ve recently been introduced to another portion of ID Peters accessories –BAGS!!! No woman has ever said that she’s got enough bags. And I like to ensure that my bag matches my outfit. These bags are so amazing though. They are made of vegan leather, so we know that no animals were harmed in the production of these awesome bags. And even better, it is almost like I am getting multiple bags for the price of one. The TIWA Tote Bag is reversible with great print on the one side and flip it inside out, and you have a plain but simply stunning bag.
 I have to admit that I am definitely partial to the Blue WAKIE/Plain Silver Reversible Tote Bag, not too understated and very vibrant in the colors used in the Wakie design print
An added accessory to the tote bag is the beautiful little clutch bag that comes with it. It can be used in conjunction with the tote bag or carried separately with its own attachable wristlet straps. The tote bag is perfect when I am off rushing to a meeting because I can put EVERYTHING in it, from my make up to my notebook and even a pair of shoes (in case of emergency)

I am the type of woman that loves to dress up and look sexy. But I have always classified my dress sense as street chic because I also love to wear a comfortable pair of sneakers! The other bag that I happened to have come across is a Back pack, which is perfect for when my partner and I decide to do a random road trip or a quick hike. Living in Greece, there is still so much that I have not explored and seen of this beautiful country. I cannot wait to do so much more exploring in the coming months with this backpack on my back! And let’s not forget, that I will definitely be wearing one of ID Peters scarves on these sightseeing adventures too!\
 For the first-time ID Peters London will be offering a back pack design in six best-selling colourways; Blue Wakie, Yellow Tiwa, Red Henna, Orange Henna, Black Safari and Aubergine Bloom. The back pack is full of storage solutions, making it both a practical and stylish choice.  Crafted from premium vegan leather with a cotton blend lining it is made to the high standards that ID Peters London customers have come to expect.
The release date is 20th of June and 10 lucky winners will be selected to win the 1 back pack. They have to subscribe to our newsletter and will get a chance to win in the lucky dip. they will be the first ever to own our back packs.
Request your personal CATALOGUE from ID PETERS LONDON too!!
 Visit this WEBSITE and shop for your luxury accessories which you deserve!!! Talk about perfect Gift ideas.
Happy Shopping! xoxo
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